OHCC RTV program on 9 May, 2021

Mother’s Day virtual program of the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre. The show features sixteen Hungarian young Canadians and adults who recite poems and play the piano and violin for their mothers.

(The video was produced by Gábor Finta)

OHCC RTV program on 15 Apr, 2021


  • Introduction to the show (Finta Gábor)
  • Poetry Day
    • Selection from poems of Sándor Weöres (Mese TV)
    • Introduction (Magdolna Tóth)
    • Poetry of Lőrinc Szabó (Béla Köntés)
    • Sándor Weöres: Öregek (in a musical version)
    • The show of Béla Szeri
  • A walk in Budapest (video of Gábor Finta)

(The video was produced by Gábor Finta)

Commemoration – 1848, March 15

The Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre has compiled a video program this year to commemorate the Revolution of 1848. We used materials made several years ago and recordings recently prepared.
Dr. Vass-Salazar Mária, Ambassador of Hungary addresses  Hungarian Canadians and the programme contains poems by Sándor Petőfi and Piroska Kárpáti, recordings of the Youth and Tulipán Dance Groups as well as compositions by Joseph Haydn, W. A. Mozart, Béla Bartók and Gábor Finta.

(Video production by Gábor Finta) 

Commemoration - 1956

The Covid pandemic made it impossible to stage our traditional celebration at the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre. Please, take a look at our virtual programme here.  Listen to the speeches (Dr. Mária Vass-Salazar, Dr. Tibor Lapohos), poems by Béla Köntés and Tibor Tollas (Béla Köntés, Mariann Talla), folk song arrangements by Béla Bartók (Réka and Csongor Prigli) and the choral piece entitled Testament performed by the  Ottawa Hungarian Choir.

(Recorded by Dorottya Deák-Stifner, Tibor Lapohos and Gábor Finta) 

Before the exam

On Monday, July 27 the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre opened its doors for the first time to the public since the closure in March due to the Covid pandemic. Two talented young pianists, Abbey Sugars-Keen (Grade 10) and Keve Aday (Grade 8) – students of Gábor Finta – tested their readiness before the exam at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. You can see here a selection of their programme.

(Finta Gábor és Eszter felvételei)