Mikulás celebration

The Hungarian Community Center presented a Santa Claus celebration. The children baked cookies, sung and danced while waiting for the Mikulás who brought presents for them.

(Recorded by Tibor Lapohos and Gábor Finta) 


On September 29, the Hungarikum Ensemble gave a very successful concert in the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre. On the programme we found musical poems, Hungarian folk songs, own compositions and songs praising God. The Hungarikum Ensemble has been performing for over seven years, during which its repertoire has grown continuously. Hungarikum translates old folk songs into our present day lives, uses own compositions and arrangements to give momentum to our thoughts, nourishes our souls with divine songs, and highlights the literary text when adapts poetry in a musical framework. Have a look at some of their productions.

(recorded by Tibor Lapohos and Gábor Finta) 

Vadrózsák (Wild Roses)

The performance of the Vadrózsák had to be postponed because of a tornado in Ottawa. Fortunately, on Monday the electrical power was restored so the enthusiastic audience was able to enjoy the excellent performance of the group. After their program the members of Vadrózsák danced together with the public.
The Vadrózsák (Wild Roses) Ensemble was formed on the spring of 1950 through the fusion of several smaller dance groups. The goal of the founding members was to preserve and promote the values of the Hungarian folk art, music and dance. Later on they picked the name of Dog Rose for the ensemble for the qualities of the plant itself: it is a wild flower, it grows in groups, and it is very resistant.
The repertoire of the Vadrózsák is very broad, encompassing almost every corner and hidden region of the Carpathian Basin. They are striving for authenticity, purity and completeness, and they bring forward the uniqueness of the Hungarian folk dances.


Remembering Trianon

On June 3 the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre held a commemoration of the tragic Trianon Peace Treaty. First the video Trianon 1920 June 4 was shown that was made by the students of the Attila József Secondary School of Makó (Hungary) followed by a poem of Lajos Áprily recited by Mariann Talla. The program concluded with a video by Dóra Nagy entitled In the Footsteps of Folk Ballads, Along the Fortresses of the Carpathian Basin.

(Recorded by Gábor Finta) 

Rounding the World into Form

Rounding the World into Form was the title of István Szántó’s exhibition and presentation. The walls of the house were decorated by his works and during the presentation we were able to get acquainted with more of his creations.

(Recorded by Gábor Finta)