Hall Rental

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The OHCC is available for rentals for weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthday, graduation, retirement and Christmas parties, conferences, training sessions, social gatherings and events, small concerts and theatrical plays. We are constantly working on the community events and plans for the rest of the year, which set the hall’s availability. In general, the hall is available for rentals whenever there is no community program scheduled already. To get an idea, please check our Event Calendar. If there is an event scheduled already, please talk to us as we always try to do our best to accommodate our clients, and shuffle our events around if we can.

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There are many elements to how we compose our rental fee. In essence, we use a fairly modular pricing scheme, trying to favour communities, and making it reasonably accessible for everyone, after all, we are a not-for-profit organization. For the sake of better serving communities, we try not to mark things up. Our prices and fees are negotiable to a certain extent, depending on the kind of service is requested from us – we are all volunteers running the centre, meaning we have limitations of our own as well.

Our clients may opt to bring food of their own, in which case most of the health and safety responsibilities will be falling onto them.

The same applies to serving alcohol, in which case the law requires that our clients obtain a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) of their own from LCBO. Also, the alcoholic beverages must be purchased with the SOP permit, and no other alcohol can be consumed on the premises. Our clients must assure that their guests do not bring in their own alcohol, as that would be an infraction to the prescribed regulations.

About the Hall

Hall capacity: depending on the desired setup, seated 120 people maximum, not to exceed 140 people total.

DWG Editable DWG technical drawing. Szerkesztő: Autodesk

DXF Editble DXF technical drawing. Recommended free editor: LibreCAD
Kitchen: Gas stove with 8 burners and 2 independent ovens, microwave oven, 2 fridges, 2 industrial coffee makers.
Free parking: lot capacity ~25 cars. Also free on both sides of Capital Drive.
Bar: we are operating a fully licensed bar with a narrow selection of (mostly typical Hungarian traditional) alcoholic drinks, but most likely the lowest prices in the Nation’s Capital Region. Items missing from our drink list can be individually and specially requested. Our volunteer bartenders are all SMART SERVE trained and licensed.
Please always drink responsibly!
Audio equipment: speakers, 2×1000 W amplifier, one Behringer XR16 computer controlled 16 channel digital mixer (Wiki), one standalone 6 channel mixer, 6 wired microphones, 1 wireless microphone
Video equipment: wall mounted 60″ TV with HDMI inputs, BD player, 4K Chromecast, 4K projector and 116″ projector screen
Lighting equipment: computer controlled stage and hall fixtures with 255 levels of each RGB colour channel and intensity separately – in-line 12′ on back wall, 4 main on interior front, 2 movable and varying zoom heads, 1 follow-spot with zoom

If you require more detailed information on any aspects of our services, please send us a request in an e-mail or give us a call. E-mail is best, since the hall is rarely staffed during regular business hours. In case you would like to take a look at the hall and its premises, we are open on Fridays and on community events. Please propose a time to arrange for a visit.

Thank you for your interest!