OHCC RTV program on 4 June, 2021

As it is well known, the peace treaty at the end of World War I was signed on June 4, at 16:32, 1920 in Versailles, close to Paris, in the  52 meters long and 7 meters wide corridor of the Grand Trianon Palace, la Galerie des Cotelles.

We commemorate this sad anniversary with a programme that can be seen on YouTube at 16:30, June 4, EDT.


  • Introduction- Béla Szeri, OHCC vice president
  • Endre Ady: Greeting to the Winner (recited by András Dobai)
  • Leó Weiner: Three Hungarian Folk Dances, No 3 (Csongor Prigli, Piano)
  • Gyula Illyés: To the Makers of the Piece (recited by Béla Szeri)
  • Sándor Reményik: New Testament (recited by (Mariann Talla)
  • Béla Bartók: Sonatina (1-3) Abbey Sugars-Keen, piano)
  • Köntés Béla: The Song of a Belated Rebel (recited by the author)
  • Finta-Köntés: The Song of a Belated Rebel (Choirs of the Szerencs (Hungary) Choir Festival conducted by the author )

The programme was edited by Bea Finta and produced by Gábor Finta.