OHCC RTV program on 11 December, 2021

Santa’s arrival and children’s show at OHCC.

OHCC RTV program on 9 November, 2021

On the 4th of November, 1956 the Soviet army launched an attack on Budapest and brutally crushed the Hungarian revolution. To commemorate this tragic day members of the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre and the Hungarian Catholics laid a wreath at the Memorial in the Beechwood Cemetery. Representatives of the Ottawa Hungarian Embassy also participated, Dr. Mária Vass-Salazar, ambassador, spoke about the sacrifices of the Hungarian nation.

OHCC RTV program on 7 November, 2021 (2)

István Savanya sings the musical settings some of his own poems while Eszter Várkonyi recites other ones in their original form.

OHCC RTV program on 7 November, 2021 (1)

On the 6th of November, 2021 István Savanya and his wife, Eszter Várkonyi presented an evening of poems and music at the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre. Before the event they were asked about their programme by Magdi Tóth.

OHCC RTV program on 30 October, 2021 (2)

Joseph Imre (Imre Jozsef) was born in Ottawa, Canada. Joseph is an historian, researcher, and entrepreneur. Joseph is an active member of the Hungarian community and serves on the board of directors of several Hungarian organizations.

(The video was made by Jozsef Imre)