OHCC RTV program on 11 August, 2021

In this show, Zsófia Gábor presents the baking of bread.
(The video was created by Gábor Finta at the OHCC.)


OHCC RTV program on 3 July, 2021

In our July programme we publish two interviews about the history of the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre. Founding members and present leaders talk about past and present.

Part 1: Memoirs of founding members

Part 2: Visitor from Hungary at the OHCC (1982)

OHCC RTV program on 28 June, 2021

Members of the Hungarian community have visited Mr. Panek and wished him good health and happiness. Rudolf Bánsági, president of the Hungarian Community Centre, presented him with flowers. Magdolna Tóth asked questions about their long and prosperous life. Father Leo also thanked them for their staunch support of the Hungarian Catholic Community.

Ödön Panak has turned one hundred today! He was a strong supporter of the Hungarian Community Centre and the Hungarian Catholic Community of Ottawa. We wish him good health and happiness on his birthday!

OHCC RTV program on 26 June, 2021

Fine Dishes for Take-out

Observe how Kathie Bognár and Sue Klekner-Alt prepare Hungarian Goulash and Layered Pancakes in the Hungarian House.

Produced by Gábor Finta.

OHCC RTV program on 20 June, 2021


A look at the preparations for the bake sale

Produced by Gábor Finta.