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This weekend at the OHCC has been overtaken by Euterpe and Calliope, in a feast of spoken song and poetry. képDue respect has been paid to Attila József, one of the emblematic poets of 20th Century Hungarian Literature. The performer, Mr. Péter Lóránt Tóth, proved to be the quintessential modern-day interpreter of a worthy poet that has defined an era in our literature.

It was a memorable, beautiful evening!

He will be welcomed back, any time, with open arms!


The Recital at the OHCC

I. rész II. rész

(Video recordings by Gábor Finta and István Koleszár)

One Piano, Two Souls, Four Hands, One Life

képOn January 14, the OHCC had the pleasure of hosting a piano recital for four hands presented by one of the prominent Hungarian representatives of the genre, the husband-and-wife team of Mr. Zsolt Farkas and Ms. Andrea Várnagy.

képThe program was built on substantial works by Franz Liszt , garnished by fitting achievements of Schubert, Grieg, Ravel and Noonan. Commented on by the artists themselves, the program has wisely addressed all segments of the audience in an absorbing presentation. The performers had displayed complete mastery of the keyboard and had full command of the different styles, as well. The The piano payer couple possessed the panache of seasoned performers, and they would always be welcomed back in Ottawa. Liszt is probably smiling with content, and he’s proud of them.

képOur community received the couple’s concert-gift with a standing ovation, and we would like to thank it again.kép

képképP.S. The second child of the Farkas-Várnagy couple, Lili Farkas, is making her parents extremely proud. In 2016, she won three international piano competitions, the last one being the Vivo Youth competition in New York, in November. Some times Lili joins her parents and performs along with them, which must be an uplifting feeling for everyone, both performers and audience. We would be extremely happy to host such a concert!

Béla Köntés

Part I Part II

(Video recordings by Gábor Finta)

Santa Was Here!

photoIt is an old tradition of the Hungarian Community Center that we invite Santa Claus to meet our children. They were making Christmas tree decorations and cookies while waiting for Santa’s arrival. The delicious „doughnuts (fánk)” – baked by Gizike Moldován and Ildikó Mukli – also seemed to shorten the waiting time. Santa talked kindly to the young ones and distributed presents among them. The family-oriented afternoon ended with the children folk-dancing happily.photo

(Video by Gábor Finta)

Young Artist Recitals – Instrumentals and Vocals

On November 18-th, 2016, our Young Artist Recitals was a resounding success. The numerous enthusiastic performers and the audience adequately proved this. The young musicians played on the piano, sang songs, and we even had a violin and a trumpet player as well. They will be happy to do it again next year, and turn this event into a tradition.

Part I Part II

(Video by Gábor Finta)

Easter Sprinkling