Aid For Transcarpathia

The Ottawa Hungarian Community Center is organizing fundraisers to support the Hungarian diaspora living in Transcarpathia and the refugees fleeing the war-torn regions of Ukraine arriving in Hungary. Members of the No. 28 Ferenc Kölcsey Scouts and Girl Guides, the Ottawa Hungarian School – Oskola, the Ottawa Hungarian Catholic Community, and the Ottawa Hungarian Presbyterian Community have also embraced this initiative.

The Board of Directors of OHCC offers all proceeds from the March 4th Friday’s dinner and from the event on March 13th, along with the content of the donation box put on display for this purpose to the “Híd Kárpátaljáért” humanitarian aid program of the government of Hungary.
Donations can also be made electronically by e-Transfer sent to the e-mail address address, in which case we kindly ask you to add the message: “Donation for refugees”.
The final amount will be sent to the destination on behalf of all Hungarians living in Ottawa-Gatineau and area.
We are grateful for all monetary contributions from the members of our community and friends.

Christmas Day Worship service

The Christmas Day Worship service of the Calvin Hungarian Congregation of Ottawa will be live streamed at 10:30 on December 25th. The Reverend Mr. László Péter will preach his Sermon for Christmas. For further information, please visit the website of the congregation.
Have a blessed holiday season, Merry Christmas!

Also, the first communion service of the new year will be streamed online starting at 10:30 on Sunday, January 2nd.

European Union Film Festival 2021

We bring great news for the film lovers: the European Union Film Festival arrives online, across Canada, on Friday November 12 and continues until Sunday November 28.
For the second time in the long history of the EUFF, the three film organizations in Canada (in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto), along with the Delegation of the European Union to Canada and the EU Member States present the online edition of this Festival. This year is no exception, as brilliant emerging talents as well as the latest work of master filmmakers from the EU Member States are presented to the Canadian public.

Each film will be available online for a 48-hour period after its scheduled launch date. As per usual, all films in the EUFF are presented in their original languages with English, and, in some cases, French subtitles. For more information, please visit their website at:

On November 13, the Hungarian romantic comedy “CREAM” is on the program. The film is the first feature film of the talented Hungarian writer and director Nóra Lakos. It was awarded the Gilda-prize at the Cinema e Donne film festival in Florence, Italy.

Please check out the trailer on the YouTube address below:

101 Years Since The Treaty Of Trianon

You are invited to a virtual commemorative program in Hungarian at 5 PM, on June 5th, dedicated to the 101st anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, and a celebration of the National Day of Unity. We can indulge in music, verse and prose, a collage of recitals featuring renowned Hungarian performing artists from the United States of America, Canada and the Carpathian Basin. For details, please browse the NAHC posting.

Tickets are available on the Extrahungariam website for $15, and $30 respectively. Net proceeds will be donated to the Transylvania Foundation.

European Union Short Film Festival

képJust in through the Embassy of Hungary in Ottawa: The Canadian Film Institute and the Delegation of the European Union to Canada along with the embassies and cultural institutes of participating EU member states have joined forces to present the online edition of the European Union Short Film Festival in Canada. This Canada-wide online event takes place from May 27 to 29, 2021, and presents a collection of 21 short films representing 21 EU Member States. Tickets are free, and the films have English subtitles.
On May 28th the Hungarian short film „Bela” – directed by Roland Tóth – is on the program. The film pays homage to the Hungarian-American actor, Bela Lugosi’s life.
For further details and tickets please click on the link below:

Pentecost Sunday – May 23, 2021

képThe Calvin Hungarian Congregation of Ottawa will hold its Pentecost Sunday service online at 13:00 on May 23rd. The Reverend Mr. László Péter will preach his Sermon for Pentecost. For further information, please click on this link.

The Sunday services of the congregation will be put on hold from June through November, as the Pastor goes on vacation abroad.

European Union Film Festival 2020

Perhaps it is not too late to draw your kind attention to a new cultural event that could detach the avid Netflix viewers from their screen, at least for a while, and could offer them well-oxygenated fresh air to breathe in.
“The Canadian Film Institute, the European Union Film Festival in Toronto, and The Cinematheque in Vancouver have joined forces … to present the first-ever online edition of the European Union Film Festival in Canada.”
The virtual film festival takes place on November 13 through 29, and the program includes an exclusive collection of recent films from across the European Union. For more information, please visit their website at:

On November 28, “Tall Tales” is on the program, the latest from the talented Hungarian director Attila Szász (The Ambassador to Bern and, shown at last year’s EUFF, Eternal Winter).

Briefly about the plot

The film “is set in 1945 Hungary as World War II is ending and new, uncertain times are beginning.
In the rubble and ruin of war’s aftermath, an opportunistic con man named Balász pretends to be a close friend of soldiers killed in the war and insinuate his way into their families and their bank accounts. It’s a dangerous game and gets him into such serious trouble he must flee Budapest to save his skin. When he is given shelter in a remote forest by a woman named Judit and her son, Balázs’s con man trickery fades as he finds himself falling in love. Things go well in their passionate affair until Judit’s brutish husband returns home from the front.
Choices now have to be made, not only about love, but also about whether to acquiesce to the occupying Soviet army or fight back against their presence. In love and in politics, Balázs now understands, there’s no pretending anymore.”

Please check out the trailer on the YouTube address below:

Scout Coffee

The COVID-19 pandemic made life difficult for the Hungarian Scouts of Ottawa, too. Here below, we present the advertisement for their upcoming fundraising event, hoping that many of us will participate since they are our children or grandchildren:

“Support the Ottawa Hungarian Scouts and satisfy your caffeine (or decaf) needs!

The difficulties of this year have affected our group as well: summer camps got canceled, and we are still unable to meet in person. Additionally, our regular fundraising events, such as the Scout Dinner or Apple Day, have also been canceled. However, we now have an opportunity to make up for those losses, as we have joined the Scout Coffee program.

If you would like to support us, all you need to do is follow the link below and buy a bag (or a few!) of good quality, delicious coffee! At the checkout, you can decide which group you would like to support, and there you can choose the “28th Hungarian Troop (Ottawa)” option to make sure all the profit goes into our group’s account. The orders will be processed and shipped at the end of the sale on November 22. As such, the Scout Coffee could also be ideal as a Christmas gift!

We appreciate all shares and support!
28th Hungarian Scout Group”

To Honor The Heroes Of 1956

On the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against the Stalinist regime and the Soviet occupation of Hungary we made a commemorative collage of video recordings posted on the “Video Chronicle” page of our website.

Sunday Services Online

képStarting with the upcoming weekend the Sunday services of Calvin Hungarian Congregation of Ottawa will be live broadcast, at 13:00. For further information please visit