European Union Film Festival 2020

Perhaps it is not too late to draw your kind attention to a new cultural event that could detach the avid Netflix viewers from their screen, at least for a while, and could offer them well-oxygenated fresh air to breathe in.
“The Canadian Film Institute, the European Union Film Festival in Toronto, and The Cinematheque in Vancouver have joined forces … to present the first-ever online edition of the European Union Film Festival in Canada.”
The virtual film festival takes place on November 13 through 29, and the program includes an exclusive collection of recent films from across the European Union. For more information, please visit their website at:

On November 28, “Tall Tales” is on the program, the latest from the talented Hungarian director Attila Szász (The Ambassador to Bern and, shown at last year’s EUFF, Eternal Winter).

Briefly about the plot

The film “is set in 1945 Hungary as World War II is ending and new, uncertain times are beginning.
In the rubble and ruin of war’s aftermath, an opportunistic con man named Balász pretends to be a close friend of soldiers killed in the war and insinuate his way into their families and their bank accounts. It’s a dangerous game and gets him into such serious trouble he must flee Budapest to save his skin. When he is given shelter in a remote forest by a woman named Judit and her son, Balázs’s con man trickery fades as he finds himself falling in love. Things go well in their passionate affair until Judit’s brutish husband returns home from the front.
Choices now have to be made, not only about love, but also about whether to acquiesce to the occupying Soviet army or fight back against their presence. In love and in politics, Balázs now understands, there’s no pretending anymore.”

Please check out the trailer on the YouTube address below: