Aid For Transcarpathia

The Ottawa Hungarian Community Center is organizing fundraisers to support the Hungarian diaspora living in Transcarpathia and the refugees fleeing the war-torn regions of Ukraine arriving in Hungary. Members of the No. 28 Ferenc Kölcsey Scouts and Girl Guides, the Ottawa Hungarian School – Oskola, the Ottawa Hungarian Catholic Community, and the Ottawa Hungarian Presbyterian Community have also embraced this initiative.

The Board of Directors of OHCC offers all proceeds from the March 4th Friday’s dinner and from the event on March 13th, along with the content of the donation box put on display for this purpose to the “Híd Kárpátaljáért” humanitarian aid program of the government of Hungary.
Donations can also be made electronically by e-Transfer sent to the e-mail address address, in which case we kindly ask you to add the message: “Donation for refugees”.
The final amount will be sent to the destination on behalf of all Hungarians living in Ottawa-Gatineau and area.
We are grateful for all monetary contributions from the members of our community and friends.