Virtual meeting consultations

The COVID pandemic and the foreseeable future force us to adapt and make use of modern communication tools to remain in touch. With this in mind, we are organizing a mixed virtual and physical community gathering on Saturday, October the 4th at 2 PM. During this meeting we will not make any decisions pertaining to the business of the OHCC. The sole purpose of this meeting is to attempt to simultaneously connect within a single communication channel. Later on, we wish to organize real membership meetings, which are the bare minimum required by law to sustain the existence of any organization, and also the primary means to take major decisions regarding its everyday business. We will project the virtual meeting on the large screen at the hall while broadcasting the local scene to the virtual participants.

There are a few ways to make up to 100 simultaneous connections over the Internet free of charge. The service provided by Google is the most promising and least constraining, which is why we will use Google Meet first. Unfortunately, Google Meet requires the use of a valid GMail address of each participant. Luckily setting one up is also free of charge at Google, but it still might constitute a nuisance for some people. We kindly ask everyone who does not have a GMail account to create one and let us know what its e-mail address is; we can provide technical help in this process too if needed.

To aid participation in our virtual meeting, we will do our best to serve with detailed, step-by-step instructions. Every Thursday between 6 and 7 PM we will offer technical consultation to help acquire the necessary skills. The consultations will take place at the House, and the covered material will be posted on the OHCC website as well. The posted guide can be studied and put to test individually, and any questions or requests about the subject matter can be brought or forwarded to us.

On October the 4th, we reserve the physical presence for those who do not have an electronic means or personal trust to participate in the meeting. We ask these individuals to notify us in time by any means available to them.

This gathering will only succeed with Your and everyone’s patient collaboration, so please, do your best to take part in some form.