Hungarians on the Earth’s Eight-Thousanders


Sunday, February 28, 2016 / 17:00 - 20:00

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Hungarian Expeditions in the Himalayas — calendar

Details of the evening:

17:00 — Dinner
18:00 — Presentation with/and Documentary
20:00 — Informal chat with our guests about the film that lists all the Hungarian successes in conquering many of the 14 more than 8,000 m high summits of our planet


Magyarok a világ nyolcezresein

About the Documentary

The recent expeditions of the presenters added 8 peaks to the tally of Hungarian mountaineering, thus completing the quest and glory of knowing that Hungarians, alongside other select nations, have set foot on 12 of the 14 tallest mountains.

You can also find out further details of the Hungarian Expeditionary Program and the achievements of our participating young women.

After the screening, you can buy 2016 calendars made of breathtaking photos. The earnings made from these will help financing the alpinists’ Foundation.


Magyar Himalája Expedíciók

About the Presenters

Lajos Kollár

Lajos Kollár

Lajos Kollár began mountaineering in 1972. He is the organizer of many expeditions in the Tatras, Alps, Caucasus Mountains and Greenland. In 1997 and 2001 he organized and participated in the Greenland expedition, and he was the first Hungarian to ski across the Greenland icefield.

Along with Zsolt Erőss and László Mécs, he is the founder and leader of the expedition series known as “Hungarians on the Earth’s Eight-Thousanders”. He has climbed 10 eight-thousander, including the second tallest peak on our planet, K2, and the tenth tallest but with the highest fatality-to-summit rate, Annapurna.

László Mécs

László Mécs

László Mécs is a devoted sportsman who turned to mountaineering in 1992. In 1997 his team was the first to conquer the 6612 m high Kharchakund mountain of the Garhwal-Himalayas by climbing its 1800 m tall, 60°-80° North-East wall of pure ice and snow. He practices and promotes a “pure” climbing style without relying on oxygen supplies and porters. He trains and keeps himself in good physical shape by being a frequent participant in long distance running races and biking.

László Mécs obtained his mountaineering instructor qualification from the Kinesiology Department of Semmelweiss University, Budapest, and he is an educator and advocate of healthy living and care for nature.

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