The Montanaro Duo Concert

Citizen of the world, Miquèu Montanaro, hails from France but has travelled the globe and is known the world over. In his innumerable encounters with local musicians he strived to retain the particulars and has incorporated them in his own compositions. His repertory spans continents and styles, from the Mediterranean Basin to the Far East.
The son, Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy is a virtuoso violin-player in his own right . His playing amounts to a colourful trip on the board of Balt-Orient Express, and beyond. Virtually, around the globe, in less than 80 minutes! Each moment is rooted in local folklore and he explores through improvisation their full melodic and rhythmic potential. After the concert Magdi Tóth asked the artists about their carrier.

(Recorded by Gábor Finta)