Radio Program on August 2, 2020


  • Hungarian Classical Music
    • Concert at OHCC (Gábor Finta)
    • Frederic Chopin: Nocturne in E flat (Keve Aday)
    • Bagatell as a genre (Gábor Finta)
    • Bartók Béla: Bagatell Op. 6 No. 11 (Abbey Sugars-Keen)
    • Heller – Budapest (Gábor Finta)
    • Stephen Heller: Etude in D minor (Keve Aday)
    • Short pieces by Schumann (Gábor Finta)
    • Robert Schumann: Aufschwung (Abbey Sugars-Keen)
    • Interview with Keve Aday and Jutka Aday at the OHCC (Keve Aday, Jutka Aday, Magdolna Tóth)
  • OHCC and Community News
  • Salve Regina chanted (Choir des moines du Barroux)
  • Pál Móricz (Béla Szeri)
  • Hajdútánc (Chamber Orchestra of the Liszt Ferenc College of Music, Géza Pécsi)
  • In the footsteps of Hungarian literature – Part 4 (Mariann Talla)
  • Totus floreo (Arany Zoltán, Alberto Casas)
  • Interview with Dániel Szabó jazz-musician at the Embassy of Hungary in Ottawa 2019 (Dániel Szabó, Magdolna Tóth)
  • Gus Kahn: I’ll See You In My Dreams (Diana Krall)
  • Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind (Diana Krall, Sarah McLachlan)

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