Winter Chaser


Saturday, February 22, 2020 / 18:00 - 23:59

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18:00 — Dinner
19:00 — Dance – Live music by the Attila Zónai Band (Toronto)

About the Musicians

The members of the Attila Zónai Band are well know within the Hungarian comunities in Canada. They form a complete band by playing the violin, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion instruments. They have a vast repertoir encompassing several genres of many decades of music, both Hungarian and international. The band is mostly active in Southern Ontario, but they enjoy invitations to the Canadian Prairies and Unites States as well. Many times they support individual guest performers from Hungary.

Members of the band:


Attila Zónai

Attila Zónai, keyboard and vocals – Educated piano player and singer. He is the front man of the band who has been performing throughout Canada for the past 23 years.


József Parádi

József Parádi, piano and bass guitar – Educated in performing arts (double bass and piano) at the Béla Bartók Institute in Hungary. There is always smile in his eyes.


Frank Botos Jr.

Frank Botos Jr., drums and percussion – Professional drummer and music teacher. Precision is his forte.


Zoltán Szomora Sr.

Zoltán Szomora Sr., violin – Educated violin player. He keeps his fellow musicians in the highest regard.


Zoltán Szomora Jr.

Zoltán Szomora Jr., guitar – Vinner of several guitar competitions. Educated at the Béla Bartók Institute in Hungary. He is blessed with absolute hearing.

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On the Menu


Schnitzel with Parsleyed Potatoes and Dill Pickle


Cabbage Roll


Strawberry Buttercream Torte

cup of coffee

Coffee and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

We can only guarantee the seating for reservations received in time, and dining is by reservations only. Please make yours by 9 PM on Friday prior to the event. Reservations successfully submitted through the web are confirmed by e-mail as well.