Who Knows If You’ll See Me Again?


Wednesday, September 18, 2019 / 18:00 - 21:00

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a musical mono-drama about the life of Katalin Karády
A Szab-way Színházi Szervezet (Szabadka, Vajdaság) előadása

plakátThis two-person production about Katalin Karády’s life focuses on emigration and the emigration’s unwitting pressure. The story is played out in a fictional setting. During her last performance in Hungary, on the verge of emigration, Karády recollects her thoughts about her own life and allows us to see her fate that caused her to leave the country she still loves with all her heart… and occasionally fragments of or even an entire evergreen song bursts out of her. This bittersweet show is sprinkled with humour, but it mostly highlights fundamental issues about the home country, affiliation, statelessness, and at the same time about arts, love, success and power. Karády’s life mirrors our own social, human and political interactions, which many people unwillingly have to face, but those who leave or are forced to leave, and those who stay all know that the responsibilities – and the consequences – are everyone’s.

Rozi B. Brestyánszki

The show’s cast and crew are all affiliates of the Folk Theatre from Szabadka.

Cast and Crew

Karády Katalin: Zsuzsa Kalmár

At the Piano: Géza Kucsera jr. vagy Rafael Juhász (Canadian performances)

Written by: Rozi B. Brestyánszki

Directed by: Zoltán Mezei

Premiere: 2018.X.4.

About the Play

Photo Gallery: Karády képgaléria – Facebook

Trailer: Ki tudja, látsz-e még?

Critics: Pannon RTV – Emlékezés Karády Katalinra a Népkörben

Hét Nap Hetilap – A végzet asszonya(i)

Magyar Szó napilap – Vissza se nézett

Szabad Magyar Szó online folyóirat – Ki tudja, látsz-e még?

Sneak Peeks

Pannon RTV – Karády élete dalokban elmesélve Karády a Vitrázs kulturális tévémagazin műsorában
Pannon RTV – Kommentár nélkül – Karády

Szab-way Theatrical Group


18:00 — Dinner
19:00 — Show

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