The Three Kings


Saturday, November 25, 2017 / 18:00 - 21:00

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Concert at Advent
Performed by: György Derzsi, Imre Vadkerti, Koppány Kovács



HU címer The Eastern Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC


18:00 — Dinner
19:00 — Concert

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About the Artists

György Derzsi

György Derzsi

György Derzsi was (born in Pozsony in 1973) has been acting since 1994. He graduated in 2001, with a major in operetta and musical. His tenor voice stands out, and he dazzled his listeners with well known pieces like Kacsóh – János vitéz, Verdi – Otello, Erkel – Bánk bán, Strauss – Cigánybáró, Szörényi-Bródy – István, a király, to name a few. Besides acting, he has been composing and arranging for more than a decade, and not so long ago in 2014 his first original composition Kincsem (My Treasure) was published and presented in the Hungarian Equestrian* Theatrical Group of Komárom.

This is György Derzsi’s third appearance in Canada. The first time the Canadian audience met him was in 2015, then again in March of 2016. Both of his appearances were a great success

Imre Vadkerti

Imre Vadkerti

Imre Vadkerti Imre Vadkerti’s (born in Révkomárom in 1976) versatile talent as a performer has surfaced in many theatrical and musical venues. Highlights of his artistic career include, but are not limited to:

  • Archangel Gabriel in Mary’s Gospel, a rockopera, debut role in 1993;
  • founding member of the Kis-Duna Rocktheatre, 2000, and active member of Érsekújvár’s Rockstage;
  • Koppány in the rockopera King Stephen, recreated for its 25 years jubilee in 2007, and performed and recorded extensively for three years;
  • Tom Miggles in The Marriage Market at Pécs’ National Theatre, an operetta by V. Jacobi;
  • member of the Hungarian Equestrian* Theatrical Group of Komárom since 2010, with a series of leading roles: Agamemnon in Troy, Árpád in The Reconquest, title role of The Last Outlaw, Bagó in John, the Valiant, leading role at the world premier of the rockopera My Precious in 2014;
  • member of the Island Theatre, 2010-2013;
  • leading member of the Kormorán Ensemble since 2011;

Nowadays Mr. Vardkerti is touring with the V-Band Orchestra. This will be his second appearance in Ottawa.

Koppány Kovács

Koppány Kovács

Koppány Kovács (born in Eger in 1977) beside being the leader and lyricist of Bleeding Romeo ensemble, is an outstanding actor of the Hungarian Equestrian* Theatrical Group of Komárom.

Following in his father’s footsteps (zither player in the Pávakör Zither Orchestra), young Koppány has added a couple of instruments to complement his musical proficiency: the recorder, the flute, the drum and other percussion instruments, the trumpet, the guitar, the latter ending up the defining instrument of his budding career. In his leisure time he excels in folk dancing. The family moved from Hungary in 1988 to Somorja, (present-day Slovakia, Sancta Maria or Zenthmarya village of old Samaria in 1383). His band, Bleeding Romeo, had its first performance in 1995. As an actor, his major achievements at the Equestrian Theatre were in The Crucified, King Stephen, and The Seven Chieftains. His one-man show, The Life of a Cowboy, encompasses all the important songs of his life.

Presently, he fulfills the role of president of his city’s Cultural Council and that of vice-president of CSEMADOK’s local chapter. In 2015, he initiated the movement “Songs against exclusion” that encourages the dwindling majority of the populace to use their mother tongue, the Hungarian, freely.

* Actors of the Equine Theatre perform their roles on horseback.

On the Dinner Menu


Braised Beef in Wine and Mustard Sauce with Crouton Dumplings and…


…Braised Red Cabbage


Mini Éclairs

cup of coffee

Coffee and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

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