Televised Theatre: “The Enthusiasts”


Friday, November 1, 2019 / 19:00 - 21:00

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Based on Die Schwärmer by Robert Musil
Translation by: Györffy, Miklós
Directed by: Szikora, János
Premiere: Vörösmarty Theatre, Székesfehérvár, April 23, 2016
Run-Time: 2h 20′
With English subtitles. This is the third piece of our „Televised Theatre” series.

posterThe story of a break-up is the intrigue on the surface. The feelings, intellect, coices and crisis of the characters are real, but between the terms of the values of “enthusiasm” and common ethics the institution of marriage might have different meanings. [Vörösmarty Theatre]

„We are standing at the boundary of a new era which will be ruled – either guided or destroyed – by science. The old tragedies die out, and we cannot tell if there will be any new ones as today we are already able to inject the soul of a doe into a buck, and vice versa. Those who are not able to evaluate mathematical integrals or do not master experimentation techniques should never comment on the matters of the soul.” (Robert Musil)

(Translation by Tibor Lapohos)


Thomas Lábodi, Ádám
Maria, the wife Törőcsik, Franciska
Anselm Andrássy, Máté
Regine, Maria’s sister Varga, Lili
Josef, Regine’s husband, univ. professor Egyed, Attila
Stader, the owner of Newton, Galilei & Stader Detective Co. Kuna, Károly
Ms. Mertens Kerkay, Rita
Servant Soltész, Rita


Costume designer Zoób, Kati
Dramaturge Morcsányi, Géza
Scenarist Szikora, János
Stage-manager Horváth, Iza
Prompter Soltész, Rita
Ajánló Előzetes

Sponsors and Distributors of the Recording

HU címer Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
AMSz címer Foundation for the Hungarian Theatres
HU címer Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
HU címer Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa, ON