Televised Theatre: “Ivan the Terrible”


Friday, November 29, 2019 / 19:00 - 21:00

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Bugalkov’s play adapted by: Vecsei H. Miklós
Directed by: ifj. Vidányszki Attila
Premiere: Radnóti Színház, Budapest, 2016. október 16.
Run-time: 2h 15′
With English subtitles. The first piece of our „Televised Theatre” series.

posterSomewhere on an East-European sea shore there is a townhouse with its back facing the sea. The administrator, Ivan Vasilevitch, calls for a tenant meeting. Meanwhile, the time machine built by Timotief, a tenant, accidentally turns on. We travel four-hundred years in time, eras and roles get all mixed, and we end up in the court of Ivan the Terrible. While the tenants desperately try to get back into the future, we are left not knowing what is illusion and what is real. [Radnóti Színház]

”What could I say? If we do not fool ourselves, we will quickly be fooled by others. And if you manage to fool whom you call ’yourself’, that is quite an achievement, since usually it is the other way around, that is what fools us.” (Viktor Pelevin)


Ivan Vasilevich, administrator / czar László, Zsolt
Uljana Djumálna, Ivan’s wife Martin, Márta
Sergei Tyimofejev, inventor Rusznák, András
Anaida Mihajlovna, actress Petrik, Andrea
Jakin Snittov, movie director Molnár Áron
Miroslav Kichorskij thief Pál, András
Spak Poljoska, informant Schneider, Zoltán
Mihail B. Uglakov, writer/patriarch Gazsó, György
Olga Nyaleszkaja, logopedist / the czar’s wife Sodró Eliza
Pjotr Puszta, administrator in training / musician Gyöngyösi Zoltán
Andrej Nyaleszki, boy / ambassador Figeczky Bence
Mr. P. Howard Fekete Vilmányi, Benett
Feketesereg Konfár, Erik


Decor designer Pater Sparrow
Costume designer Vecsei, Kinga Réta
Dramaturge Garai, Judit
Music by Kovács, Adrián
Lights Baumgartner, Sándor
Stage-manager Kónya, József
Prompter Farkas, Erzsébet
Assistant Director Ari, Zsófi

Sponsors and Distributors of the Recording

HU címer Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
AMSz címer Foundation for the Hungarian Theatres
HU címer Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
HU címer Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa, ON


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