Televised Theatre: “Hedda Gabler”


Friday, November 22, 2019 / 19:00 - 21:00

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stage play

Written by: Henrik Ibsen
Directed by: Zsótér Sándor
Premiere: Katona József Színház, Kecskemét, February 17th, 2017
Run-time: 2h 10′
With English subtitles. The fourth piece of our „Televised Theatre” series.

plakátThe story of Hedda Gabler, the female Hamlet of the fine literature, a “new woman” fully armed to conquer the world, is revealed. Her complex character is smart and exceptional, and while she breaks all rules on purpose, she dreams of a shiny life, only to come to realize quickly, that being on the side of the man she chose will not yield the much desired results. The recognition does not have consequences for Hedda’s life alone, but for the faith of all those around her as well.


Mr. Jörgen Tesman Porogi, Ádám
Mrs. Hedda Tesman, Jörgen’s wife Trokán, Nóra
Miss. Juliane Tesman, Jörgen’s aunt Sára, Bernadette
Mrs. Elvsted Hajdú, Melinda
Brack Szemenyei, János
Ejlert Lövborg Nagy, Viktor
Ms. Berte Kertész, Kata


Decor designer Ambrus, Mária
Costume designer Benedek, Mari
Dramaturge Ungár, Júlia
Translation by Boronkay, Soma
Writer Ungár, Zsófia and Zsotér, Sándor
Stage-manager Mahalek, Gábor
Prompter Ba, Éva
Assistant Director Sirkó, Anna

Sponsors and Distributors of the Recording

HU címer Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
AMSz címer Foundation for the Hungarian Theatres
HU címer Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
HU címer Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa, ON


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