Screening: A két egyetlen – Karinthy Frigyes nagy szerelmei


Friday, September 16, 2022 / 17:30 - 19:30

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Screenwriter: Zoltán Fráter
Director: Tamás Szirtes
The online premier of the theatre-film A két egyetlen – Karinthy Frigyes nagy szerelmei (English: The Sole Two – Frigyes Karinthy’s great loves) was on March 25th, 2022.


Frigyes Karinthy (1887-1938)
in cc 1930

Frigyes Karinthy was twenty-five years old when he ran away with his great love, the actress Judik Etel, who had already three children, under adventurous circumstances. They hide from the husband’s anger for half a year in Berlin, and then, having reconciled the husband with a larger sum, they get married in Budapest. The writer gives the name Boga to his beloved partner, who will be a victim of the Spanish flu epidemic that broke out after the First World War. Karinthy writes this in his diary after his wife’s death: “I feel like a tumor formed in my brain when she died…” Almost two years later, the grieving man meets the then-married woman, doctor Aranka Böhm, taking seriously the invitation of a phone prank. The passionate Aranka, who conquers all men, has been coloring the everyday life of the marriage with her emotional storms for a decade and a half, when in 1936, Karinthy, who always thought of Boga with unquenchable love, really had to be operated on. The writer hovering between life and death fights with two women at the same time, Boga in imagination, Aranka in reality…



Admission is free, please reserve your seats by 3 pm on the day of the event.
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