Polish, Hungarian – Two Good Pals


Saturday, February 1, 2020 / 18:00 - 21:00

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Folk dancing show and workshop with live music


PL „Polish and Hungarian, two good pals,
are brothers in arms, and cheers to that!”

„Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki,
I do szabli, i do szklanki.”


posterIt is in the spirit of the above historical riddle that we invite you this joint event where the Polish and Hungarian communities of Ottawa present elements of their cultural heritage, through our common language, the folk dance.

Our Polish guest performers, the Polanie group of Ottawa, will join our young enthusiastic folk dancers for a nearly one hour long show on stage.

After the folk dance performances the entire audience is invited to take part in a mixed Polish and Hungarian folk dance workshop and give those magic moves a try. Live music will be provided by Hungarian folk musicians.


17:00 – Doors and kitchen open
18:00 – Folk Dance Show
19:00 – Polish and Hungarian folk dance workshop with live music

About the Performers

PolanieThe Polanie Dance Group was established in 1956. The mission of the group is to share and promote Polish folklore and pass on Polish folklore heritage to future generations. In 2016 the group celebrated its 60th anniversary and was awarded a bronze medal “Gloria Artis” for contributions to the preservation and presentation of Polish Folklore in Canada. The medal was presented by the Polish Ministry of Cultural Heritage during the 60th anniversary banquet. More information about Polanie is published on their home page.

TulipánFolk dancing has almost always pulsing in the life of Hungarian community in Ottawa. Our folk dancers were well known in the competitions and workshops throughout the North American continent. Alike the actual beautiful flowers in Ottawa, he Hungarian Tulipán (toulip) folk dance group comes to life and flourishes periodically. TulipánThe rithm and beat of the past three years is the result of the devoted instruction done by Dóra Nagy, one of the laureates of the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program serving in Ottawa. The idea and much of the organization of this joint event is also her merit. Dóri is the Hungarian folk dance instructor for children and youth at the Hungarian Saturday School ”Oskola”.

musiciansThe Hungarian live music is played by the very enthusiastic formation of:

József Horváth – violin
Levente Garda – viola
Mike Pratt – double bass

On the Menu

Except for the duration of the show, food, beverages and drinks will be available throughout the entire event.


Cooked Debreceni with Bread and Mustard

cup of coffee

Coffee and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

The admission is free, but we can only guarantee the seating for reservations received in time. Pre-ordering meals is of great help to us, and we thank you for it in advance. Please make yours by 9 PM on Friday prior to the event. Reservations successfully submitted through the web are confirmed by e-mail as well.