New Bojtorján Concert


Saturday, November 12, 2016 / 18:00 - 23:59

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Új Bojtorján

Új Bojtorján (From left to right: István Gál, Miklós Szula, Zoltán Pomázi, András Tóth

Founded in 1976, the Bojtorján Band’s melodies still capture the imagination of the original fans’ grandchildren. The singer-songwriter-guitarist Zoltán Pomázi has revived the ensemble in 1999 and has toured all the regions of the Hungarian speaking world since, to great acclaim. Their calling is to make music accessible, especially to children. „If we survive only through one children’s song, it was worth it”.

Watch Your Step, Son Homesickness (Those Moonlit Months of May)
KMOSZ This 2016 tour is organised by the NAHC:

November 5 Hungarian Cultural Centre – Mindszenty Hall, Windsor
November 6 St. Michael College School Centre for the Arts
1515 Bathurst Street, Toronto
Sponsor: Extra Hungariam Foundation
November 11 Kossuth Hall, Cambridge
November 12 Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre

About the Evening

18:00 – Dinner
19:00 – Concert
Audio CDs will be available to purchase.


  1. The Game (recent composition)
  2. Lazy River
  3. One Mean Year
  4. I Wish It Were…
  5. Build a Home, Not (Only) a Shelter!
  6. She is Only 16
  7. From Budapest to Miskolc
  8. It Only Lasts a Week
  9. Odd Number’s Side
  10. She’s Too Far Away
  11. It Happens that I feel like… (new production)
  12. The Wanderer (new production)
  13. Orchestral intermezzo
  14. I Loved That Actress
  15. Ramblin’ Song
  16. When You Are Singing an Old Tune
  17. Belonging Together
  18. Watch Your Step, Son
  19. Homesickness (Those Moonlit Months of May)
  20. Winnie, the Pooh


About the Performers

Pomázi Zoltán

Zoltán Pomázi

Mr. Zoltán Pomázi, initially a member of the Tolcsvay Trió, of nation-wide renoun, has been a defining element of the Bojtorján Band of 1976. Whether through his vocal or instrumental contribution (twelve-string guitar), or through his continuing collaborations with major performing artists (i.e Zoltán Latinovits), Mr. Pomázi has shaped the character and the profile of the old Bojtorján and … the new one alike. The ensemble has toured the world many times over.

Tóth András

András Tóth

Mr. András Tóth has formed his own band at twelve years of age. He has joined the New Bojtorján at 19 and has toured the country with the band. Being a member of Acousticure ensemble, as well, he has performed in Nashville (Tennessee), Holland, Norway, Luxembourg, France, etc. He has worked with Sugarloaf and Bruce Lewis, and is a staunch promoter of country music in Hungary.

Szula Miklós

Miklós Szula

Mr. Miklós Szula, former member of Blue Timers, takes part in the roughly 500 performances of the New Bojtorján every year. His range in musical genres spans the classical and reggae through jazz and pop.

Gál István

Gál István

Mr. István Gál, the drummer of the ensemble since 2005, has a colourful past as member of the Unicornis, Rockwell, Wastaps, Z’Zi labor, Corpus, Mama Killed a Chicken, Bolero, Póker and Country Express ensembles.

Guest Performer

Kutasi Zsolt

Zsolt Kutasi

Mr. Zsolt Kutasi, is a permanent guest artist of the New Bojtorján and has participated in the most recent studio recording of the ensemble. The pride of any country music band is its pedal steel-guitarist, who makes or breakes the band. Well, Zsolt is one of Europe’s best, and it is not even his full-time job. He has grown up on the original Bojtorján’s music, and is now simply paying back his dues.

On the Dinner Menu


Wiener Schnitzel with Potatoes, Parsley and Green Peas


Chocolate Cake

cup of coffee

Coffee and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

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