My God and Saint Ladislaus


Saturday, October 28, 2017 / 18:00 - 21:00

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Tribute to Saint Ladislaus in Hungarian fine literature and historical scripts
Performer: Péter Lóránt Tóth, Laureate of Radnóti and Zoltán Latinovits Awards


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HU címer The Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC
Toronto – Ottawa



18:00 — Dinner
19:00 — Recital: “My God and Saint Ladislaus
20:00 – Recital: “Blessed is the cradle which rocked me to become Magyar” (excerpt)
20:30 – Meet the Performer

Recital Program

As a personal contribution to the Saint Ladislaus Memorial Year, our wayfaring bard, Péter Lóránt Tóth, set out to roam the countryside from his native Kunszentmiklós (Bács-Kiskun county, Hungary) to Szentlászló (Laslovo, Croatia) on a twelve day pilgrimage. During his 260 km long trip he spoke about and performed poems inspired by our legendary king in the churches of 14 villages. The most recent station of this literary pilgrimage is Ottawa, where the bard will remind us of the Knightly King’s virtues, steady faith and nation-building deeds and will endeavour to connect us to his spiritual legacy.

The stations of Péter Lóránt Tóth’s pilgrimage in 2017:
zarándokútKunszentmiklós, Hungary
Dunavecse, Hungary (21 km)
Dunaegyháza, Hungary (10 km)
Solt, Hungary (7 km)
Lake Szelidi, Hungary (24 km)
Géderlak, Hungary (13 km)
Fajsz, Hungary (25 km)
Dusnok, Hungary (6 km)
Baja, Hungary (28 km)
Dávod, Hungary (23 km)
Bezdán, Serbia (21 km)
Vörösmart, Croatia (17 km)
Kopács, Croatia (30 km)
Eszék, Croatia (12 km)
Szentlászló, Croatia (24 km)

Interviews, and More Suggested Articles (in Hungarian)

After a short intermission, Péter will help us remember one of the most precious pearls of the Hungarian fine literature, János Arany, who was born 200 years ago. We will have the opportunity to enjoy an excerpt from Peter’s podium program entitled after a poem of Arany’s “Blessed is the cradle which rocked me to become Magyar“. It is a short travel in time to Nagyszalonta and Nagykőrös, then Máramarossziget (all three in Transylvania) and Budapest. Letters, ballads, poems will be depicting the figure of János Arany and his social surroundings filled with controversies at the time.

About the Performer

Péter Lóránt Tóth

Péter Lóránt Tóth

A trained health education teacher, Mr. Tóth has found a new calling through his love of literature and the desire to share it. This wandering minstrel concentrates lately on spreading the spoken word of Hungarian poetry. In his opinion, reciting a poem could very well be an exercise in self-discovery, which better enables us to connect the missing dots in our relationship to our world and to ourselves. On one occasion it has been remarked that
when he is reciting a poem, a heightened sense of harmony permeates the surrounding air, and we rush to reconnect with our unadulterated, innocent inner self. He is on a mission, and all Hungarians owe him a token of gratitude. I, for one, am in his debt.” (Ákos Hajvert, president of the Association of Recitalists of Voivodina, present-day Serbia)

In 2016, Péter Lóránt Tóth was distinguished for his work with the László Káplár Good Man Award

Péter Lóránt Tóth is already known by some of the Hungarian Canadian communities thanks to his previous tour in Canada, at which time he was reciting poetry written by Attila József. With his recital Railway Station (Vasútállomás) he dazzled the Ottawan audience as well at the OHCC on February 11th this year.

Facebook: peterlorant.toth
Telephone: +36-70-4236-985

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