Montarano: “Ki” (Who)


Sunday, February 25, 2018 / 14:30 - 17:30

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Concert inspired by contemporary world music


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The latest work of Miquèu Montanaro and Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy consists of chiselled numbers of instrumental music. All the entries of this work are statements in an improvised dialogue, informed by spontaneous, fleeting impressions and limited only by the performer’s technical ability and depth of imagination.

The title of the CD is stated in the interrogative, and it is a blaring “WHO?”

Who am I?
Who are we?

The material is an internalized journey, a slalom between the different stations of self-awareness, stations of song and occasionally, lament.

HU címer The Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC.
Ottawa – Toronto – Windsor

Details of the afternoon

14:30 — Lunch
16:00 — Concert

About the Artists

The performers are a father-son team in tandem.

Miquèu Montanaro and Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy

Citizen of the world, Miquèu Montanaro, hails from France but has travelled the globe and is known the world over. In his innumerable encounters with local musicians he strived to retain the particulars and has incorporated them in his own compositions. As a performer, he plays the accordion and the tambourine and he is proficient on most wind or brass instruments. His repertory spans continents and styles, from the Mediterranean Basin to the Far East. In more than twenty years, he has spent as much time in Africa and the Far East, as at his base, in Europe, and considers the meeting point of cultures an endless source of inspiration.

The son, Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy is a virtuoso violin-player in his own right . His playing amounts to a colourful trip on the board of Balt-Orient Express, and beyond. Virtually, around the globe, in less than 80 minutes! Each moment is rooted in local folklore and he explores through improvisation their full melodic and rhythmic potential.

kettenWhen father and son play together, their duo, reveals a musical generational gap between the father’s more formal ways and the son’s wild improvisational skills.

Contac information at the Montanaro Company website:


The Independent Hungarian Radio of Toronto has featured in 2016 an interview with Mr. Montanaro senior and can be accessed at (in Hungarian):

The young Balthazar’s mother is Hungarian, Niké Nagy. The father, Miquèu Montanaro, out of love, respect and need, learned the Hungarian language and is very much at home in it. Moreover, he sustains regular concert tours in Hungary. A retrospective, 81 min. long biography documentary made in 2010, entitled “Eastern Wind“, pays tribute to his art and his contribution to the TÁNCHÁZ Movement (the 60 years young Village Dance Initiative).

Miquèu Montanaro
Baltazar Montanaro
Andor Buják
Gyöngyi Écsi
Márta Sebestyén
Csaba Ökrös
Ferenc Sebő
Director: György Szomjas
Operator: Zoltán Dénes, Ferenc Grunwalsky
Music: Miquèu Montanaro
Narrator: Imre Csuja
Picture: Károly Szalay

Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy and Miquèu Montanaro at the Kalejdoszkóp House, 2012 Miquèu Montanaro and Nagy Niké: „À mes amours”

On the Menu

fő fogás

Wiener Schnitzel with Mashed Potatoes and Dill Pickle


Chocolate Cake

egy csésze kávé

Coffe and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

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