Mardi Gras Ball


Saturday, January 30, 2016 / 18:00 - 23:55

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farsang 18:00 Dinner
19:00 Concert — Krisztián Kovács and Szabolcs Szilágyi: Hungarian Folk Music from Moldva
19:30 Comedy by Béla Köntés, Judit Polgár, Gábor Steiner, Szabolcs Szilágyi
20:00 Dance — Live music by the Cardinal group

About the Concert

Krisztián and Szabolcs

Krisztián (Feraru) Kovács and Szabolcs Szilágyi

The recital consists of Hungarian folk music, songs and fairy tales from Gyimes and Moldva, as well as demographic data about the ethnic Hungarians in the region. Krisztián is able to tell us about his own personal experiences of the everyday life at Pusztina, and depict the sad state of education in Hungarian, the mother tongue of the locals.

This program aims at giving us an insight into a slice of the culture of a group of Hungarian minorities which, of all other similar groups, is subjected to probably the greatest supression and is pushed towards total extiction. In addition, the performers are raising funds to support Hungarian education in Pusztina.

The Musicians

Krisztián (Feraru) Kovács

Krisztián (Feraru) Kovács

Krisztián (Feraru) Kovács was born in 1991 in Pusztina, Moldva. He learnt to play the recorder while being a student in the Csángó Hungarian Education Program, and he obtained top placements at folk song competitions. After graduation from high school, he continued his studies at the Balassi Institute, Hungary. Currently he is workig towards his masters degree in folk music played on the recorder at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy in Hungary. Krisztián is a member of Rozália Kóka’s Virággyöngy (Pearl of Flower) folk song group from Moldva. He was a semi-finalist at the “Fölszállott a páva” (Flying Peacock) singing competition in 2013.

I climed up on the big mountain at Pusztina – folk song arrangement Krisztián at the Felszállott a páva c. competition

Szabolcs Szilágyi

Szabolcs Szilágyi

Szabolcs Szilágyi was born in 1987 in Budapest and came into close encounter with folk music around 2005. He studied at the Folk Music School of Óbuda, where Tamás Kobzos Kiss tought him the basics of playing the koboz (cobza), the instrument’s history, but most importantly the singing of chronicles (históriás énekmondás) – a musical art form specific to the 15th century’s Hungarian culture. Sándor Balogh, along with Tamás Kobzos Kiss, guided him into the world of csángó Hungarian folk music and bands. Szabolcs is a founding member of the Festeres Band, and he plays the koboz in the Hencida Folk Art Group. He often teams up with Krisztián.


Kardinál együttes

Kardinál Group

The Cardinal Group

István Kolesar (keyboards, technical manager)

Katalin Kolesar (vocals)

On the Menu


Csirkepaprikás with Hungarian Dumplings and Dill Pickle


Caramel-Nut Brittle Cake

egy csésze kávé

Coffee and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

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