Man and Land


Wednesday, November 15, 2017 / 19:00 - 20:00

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This is about an adventure. One that takes you back to your native land, unearths your roots and shows you how those who still work that land live. How they breath in sync with nature, and how day by day, they become part of it.
Can we define our strong visceral bond with an ancestral land that through our labour gave us life and shelter and a place called home?
“Blessed native land that gave us rise and will hold one day our ashes, I fold you in my arms with prayers because you are my Creator’s most precious gift!” writes Brother Csaba Böjte.

In the summer of 2016 thirteen internationally known photographers have gathered in the hills of Transylvania, at Székelyvarság, to immortalize the rolling landscapes of this enchanted land and the industrious life of its inhabitants. What is that special bond that since time immemorial ties man to the land? Brother Csaba and the works of the thirteen artists attempt to dissect this puzzle, and through their spiritual and artistic take on the matter try to come up with an answer and share it with others. With those who are still interested in this wonder. That could be all of us.

There will be a photo exhibit and a photo album presentation prepared with the aid of Mr. Balázs Kralovánszky from Toronto, who was one of the art photographers of the project.

Photos and album will be available for sale at $50 and $45 each, respectively.

Speakers of the Evening

Csaba Bőjte – Franciscan brother, the founder and inspirational leader of the Saint Francis Foundation of Déva, which became a robust child saving foundation in Transylvania, well known in and supported by Hungary.

László Bálint – Founder of Foundation for Hungarians from Transylvania

About the common mission of Brother Csaba Böjte and László Bálint: „Aki a szórványt nem becsüli, a tömböt nem érdemli” – Angyalok ajándékait vitték a mezőségi magyaroknak

címer Foundation for Hungarians from Transylvania (Erdélyi Magyarokért Közhasznú Alapítvány)
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Tel: +36-30-954-8127
Angels at Mezőség (Angyalok a mezőségen)
Homecoming and Angels at Mezőség (Hazajáró és angyalok a mezőségen)


The admission is free. We are collecting donations for the Saint Francis Foundation of Déva and Foundation for Hungarians from Transylvania. Suggested donation $10 for each foundation.

We can only guarantee the seating for reservations received in time. Please make yours by 9 PM on the day prior to the event. Reservations successfully submitted through the web are confirmed by e-mail.


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