Sunday, November 3, 2019 / 17:30 - 18:00

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short documentary

By: Zoltán Ferkó KCSP Laureate
Year: 2019
Run time: 25′
With English subtitles.

plakátKóbor is a diminishing island of a village in Southern Transylvania, in Brassó County’s Hungarian diaspora. A predominantly Hungarian village – as attested by the 1910 census (786 Hungarians in a population of 888) –, in 2011 Kóbor was inhabited by 238 people, out of which 106 still defined themselves as Hungarians, most of them aged 60 and above. The fate of Kóbor, like the fate of an ocean encased in a drop of water, captures the hundred-year struggle for survival of countless Hungarian communities cut off from the nation-state and forced into diasporas in the neighbouring countries, and that of Hungarian communities living across the globe. The effects of two world wars, of revolutions and regime changes, of dictatorships and mass emigration waves, of the aging population and the cunningly implemented changes in its ethnic composition are all illustrated through individual destinies in this movie. In all its 25 minutes the film attempts to go beyond the nefarious consequences of ongoing and historical events. It is looking for points of evasion from a place that many consider it has reached the point of no return; the filmmakers are still searching for possible ways in moving forward for us all.

(Zoltán Ferkó. Translation by Béla Köntés)



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