King St. Stephen and Foundation of the Hungarian State Day


Sunday, August 20, 2017 / 12:00 - 17:00

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Details of the Event

12:00 Exhibition about King St. Ladislau of Hungary

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15:00 Lunch

Our fund raising action to help purchasing school buses in Transylvania continues. For details please refer to our News column.

About the Exhibition


The first steps towards Hungary becoming a Christian state were made by Saint Stephen (Stephen I), founder of the nation state in the X Century, reflecting his aspirations. His defining actions tied the kingdom forever to the Western Christianity centered in Rome, founding its network of episcopal sees, laying down the framework of county-based administration and judicial system of the land. The benefits of his all-encompassing initiatives, encountered by mild resistance at first, came to full bloom during the reign of Saint Ladislaus, between 1077 and 1095, some forty years after the great king’s passing.

Saint Ladislaus I, often referred to as the Knight-King of Hungary, by his personal example made an indelible mark on the nation. He was a strong-willed, well-liked, strict but fair ruler, and a nation builder who enjoyed in his lifetime the well-deserved respect of his people. During his three big military campaigns, all in defence of the country, he led the troupes from the front, being victorious at all times. His deeds continue to live in the vernacular, they have inspired countless legends and are present on the fresco paintings of churches, as mementos of a grateful nation. More over, he was among the first to recognize Stephen’s pivotal role in Hungary becoming one of the modern nations of the time, his merits being glossed over unfairly, sometimes, by historiographers. During Saint Ladislaus’ reign, Stephen has been recognized as saint of the Catholic Church. He sees in Stephen the virtues of the able and selfless ruler, who not only founded but held together a nation for 38 years, when political assassinations and changing trends were the order of the day. He posits this son of Géza, prince of Hungarians, as an example for all Hungarian leaders that come to follow. He himself has served the interests of his nation all his life, for which he earned the gratitude of countless generations, being sanctified in 1192.

This year is the 940th anniversary of Saint Ladislaus’ crowning. The Ministry Responsible for Nation Policy of Hungary and the Pro Patria Association of Hungary share this exhibition with all of us for this occasion.

HU címer Ministry Responsible for Nation Policy of Hungary
ProPatria Pro Patria Association, Hungary

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