„Kettős hangzat” – Folk music concert and dance


Saturday, March 30, 2019 / 17:30 - 21:30

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  • 16.30 – snack (cooked “debreceni” sausage)
  • 17.30 – concert
  • 19.00 – folk dance


About the performance

Hungarian Folk-music from the Carpathian Basin performed by two fiddles. A concert by Tamás Nyitrai and Márton Pusko.

One of the most popular musical instruments of the Carpathian Basin is the fiddle. Before the appearance of bands using different stringed instruments a single pair of fiddle and bagpipes or bands consisting only of fiddles served as entertainment for the nobel communities as well as for people of the villages. Therefore back in the day, folk music concentrated mainly on a melody and its corresponsive rhythm, exclusively. At our concert we would like to introduce you this type of musical tradition and play fiddle music preserved by the ethnicities living in the Carpathian Basin. During these compositions you can listen to the folk music of well-known, as well as lesser known regions – each of which representing the unique traditions of fiddle music. You might as well find reconstructions of traditional music in our repertoire which not only had had an effect on the works of our greatest composers in the past but also on today’s great performers of Hungarian folk music, as well.

About the performers

Tamás Nyitrai

Tamás Nyitrai was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1987. He was acquainted with Hungarian folk music at the age of six in a camp for families. As an effect of the latter he became a student of Czövek Erna Music School in Budakeszi. As soon as he successfully completed his school leaving exams, he applied for the Folk Music department of the College of Nyíregyháza. After finishing his studies Tamás became a student of Liszt Ferenc Academy for Music in 2007 where he began his studies at the Folk Music Department. After graduation not only did he acquire a degree as a performer, but also a degree in teaching and became the teacher of numerous art schools. Currently, Tamás is a member of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and a fiddle teacher of Bartók Music Secondary School of Liszt Ferenc Academy for Music. Apart from having his own band named Bazseva, Tamás is also a member of other bands. He regularly participates in the work of several folk-dance groups and helps in organising and implementing dance houses and folk camps in Hungary, as well as outside the borders of the country.
In 2011 Tamás was awarded with the Junior Prima Prize, a year later in 2012 he acquired the title of ’Young Master of Folk Arts’ and in 2017 he won the Halmos Béla Prize. It is of crucial importance to Tamás to authentically promote and pass on Hungarian folk music as comprehensively as possible.

Márton Pusko

Márton Pusko was born in Rozsnyó, (Slovakia) in 1990. He was six years old when he got himself acquainted with music in the music school of Tornalja. Later he became a student of a retired music teacher who had been a famous figure of entertainment as a gypsy violinist for decades for the delight of the local audiences. Márton got himself acquainted with Hungarian folk music in summer camps. In 2015 he had the opportunity to study it officially at Bartók Béla Music Secondary School. He continued his studies at the Folk Music Department of Liszt Ferenc Academy for Music. With the completion of his studies he became a fiddle teacher in 2018 by acquiring his degree. Currently, he works at Bartók Béla Music Secondary School of Liszt Ferenc Academy for Music as a fiddle teacher.
In 2011 he won the Fiddle Competition of Kecskemét. A year later in 2012 Márton and his band, the ’Parapács band’, participated in the Hungarian talent competition for folk-music and folk-dance called ’Fölszállott a Páva’ and they won the first prize in the category for folk music bands. Later, in 2018 he was awarded with the national prize ’Young Master of Folk Arts’. Márton believes, communicating authentic, Hungarian folk music in the form of live performances towards the audiences and his students bears crucial significance.


Before the performance, cooked “debreceni” sausage is available from 16:30.

cup of coffee

Coffee and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

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