Kaláka: Concert for Children


Saturday, September 22, 2018 / 10:00 - 12:00

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posterThe Kaláka Ensemble was formed in Budapest in 1969. It received several awards: the prestigious Kossuth Award in 2000, Prima Primissima in 2004 and the Hungarian Heritage Award (Magyar Örökség Díj) in 2014.

So far, Kaláka has recorded 30 CDs encompassing over 1200 songs. Most of these songs are their own compositions for which they used pieces of the Hungarian fine literature as lyrics. Among these are poems written by János Arany, Endre Ady, Sándor Weöres, Dezső Kosztolányi, Sándor Kányádi, Lőrinc Szabó, Attila József, Sándor Petőfi. Hungarian folk music is also part of their extensive repertoire. They provided the musical score for several Hungarian folk tale animations like “Hungarian Folk Tales” (Magyar népmesék), “Hungarian Tales” (Magyar mondák) and “Tales about King Mathias” (Mesék Mátyás királyról), to name a few.

Kaláka plays for both adults and children, while the audience may actively enjoy the music, the poetry, and can become familiar with many musical instruments.

HU címerHU címerThe Canadian tour is sponsored by Hungary’s Mission to Canada and Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt.

The Kaláka Ensemble


Gábor Becze

Gábor Becze – double base, guitar. Member since 1979.


Dániel Gryllus

Dániel Gryllus – various recorders, citera, panpipes, clarinet, tárogató (Turkish pipe). Founding member.


Vilmos Gryllus

Vilmos Gryllus – cello, guitar, charango, koboz (cobza), Jew’s harp. Founding member.

„I love to sing for adults, so that they would listen, and for children, so that they would sing along.”


Balázs Radványi

Balázs Radványi – mandolin, 12 string guitar, ukulele, cuatro, viola, kalimba. Member since 1970.




Tengerecki Pál Három székláb Nyitnikék

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