“Hurka” and Sausage Sale


Saturday, April 1, 2023 / 15:00 - 17:00

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Sausage $17/kg, 6 pcs=1kg
“Hurka” $17/kg, 4 pcs=1kg

The sale involves handling raw meat, of which we cannot store the surplus. Therefore, we can consider exclusively orders placed before the deadline. We cannot deal with any buffer quantities, therefore we must strictly adhere to the order entry deadline. Thank you for your understanding!

The ordered quantities of Sausage and/or “Hurka” must be indicated in NUMBER of LINKs (pcs).
The customers who wish to order bigger quantities, 1 kg or more, should convert the desired amount of kilograms into number of links (pcs) considering the following rates:
6 links (pcs) of Sausage weigh approximately 1 kilogram,
4 links (pcs) of “Hurka” weigh 1 kilogram.

All orders will be prepared in packages containing the desired number(s) of whole links (pcs) of Sausage and/or “Hurka”-s. The duration of the event is for pick-up only. We will e-mail the exact dollar amount of their order to each of our customers. PLEASE DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE! Payments can be made by personal check, or cash (please bring exact change if possible).
We cannot process, store, or make use of excess or leftover quantities. Therefore, we will only accept order cancellations before the cut-off time.

Order Deadline

Please submit your order by 12 noon on Friday, March 24th.

Sorry, we are SOLD OUT! We thank you for your understanding and we would like to see you back next time.