But who’s Going to Take Home the Bike?


Saturday, April 21, 2018 / 18:00 - 21:00

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Comic monodrama. A fillip of reality in a single act, that is, a blunt monologue. (Hungarian)

plakátWritten by: György Szerbhorváth
Directed and played by: Szilvia Krizsán
Sound, photography and video by: Attila Bába

Duration: 70 perc
Debut: September 4th, 2011

The play entitled „But who’s Going to Take Home the Bike? (De ki viszi haza a biciklit?)” is about the middle-class citizen of Vajdaság (Voivodina, Serbia), living either there or somewhere else, in the past and present. It makes us laugh and cry. It is to be seen in every small town and village, since it has been made for all those who live there, who stayed there or left and returned, and those who would only like to return or leave. And especially those, who still try to have a life in Vajdaság.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the piece is that it contains elements of stand-up comedy, although in essence it is a monodrama.

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About the Evening

18:00 — Dinner
19:00 — Show

About the Artist


Szilvia Krizsán

Szilvia Krizsán was born in Verbász (Vajdaság, Serbia), in 1976. Once graduated from high school in Szenttamás, she began her studies of mechanical engineering, but her heart and mind was set on acting. In 1995 she was admitted to the Theatrical Arts Academy at Újvidék (Serbia), where she became a student of György Hernyák and Sándor László.

Since 1998 she is a full member of the Theatre Company of Újvidék, and winner of several awards ever since 2003.

In the words of the actress herself:

„– Mountains. Belonging somewhere. Home, security. Somewhere where I am not only myself, but all my ancestors. A Small Hell. An offspring of the Pokolok, a family of electricians.

– Offspring. Little, tiny being… the only really important part of my life. The continuation of the past. Something I would sacrifice my life for any time.

– Home. It is warm, and there is lunch. In the broader sense it is Vajdaság (the province).

– Citizen of Vajdaság. This is what I can really understand, where I feel well, where I can create. Really.

– Budapest. A double size milestone. The Academy at Pest makes me realize that I can be an actress anywhere. At the same time, although it is such a joy to be a primadonna there, playing in a principal role makes me realize my place is at home.

– Good news. I am a real “farmer wife”, as I care what the villagers are saying. I grew to bear that not everybody can love me.

– Love. Of all kinds. Relatives, mother, spouse, friends, men, audience, agape.

– Money. It was never important, but since I am a mother, I am terrified by the lack of it.

– Fear. I live in constant angst. I am afraid of everything. Even butterflies.

– Death. When the time comes, I want to leave by knowing I did everything that I could.”

About the more important roles, directions and career of Szilvia Krizsán there is more information available at the web sites of Magyar Szó (Hungarina Word) and Újvidéki Színház (Theatrical Company of Újvidék).

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