Annual General Members’ Meeting


Sunday, March 26, 2017 / 15:00 - 18:00

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Management reports and important matters requiring voting will be on the agenda. This time, as the mandate of the current Board of Directors (BOD) will be ending, there will be BOD elections taking place as well. Your presence and participation would enhance and colour the decisions the membership takes going forward.

The OHCC By-laws were last updated by the Members Meeting on October 2nd, 2016, and they are in effect now as the 9th edition of this official document.

Only those with paid-up 2017 membership fees may fully participate and vote. Those with expired memberships from 2016 can only observe.

According to the decision the BOD took on 15th of October 2015, the BOD will not accept or process any membership payments within 72 hours prior to the meeting. The BOD exercises this exception in its sole discretion. Therefore, we urge you to ensure your voting right by renewing in a timely fashion.

breadBefore the meeting, we’ll serve slices of bread with homemade lard spread, sprinkled with ground paprika and topped with onion rings. Traditional and authentic!

Please arrive in time!