60th Anniversary of the Revolution and Fight for Freedom of 1956


Sunday, October 23, 2016 / 17:00 - 21:00

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We have an absolutely full house for this evening. We respectfully ask all those who intended to attend the festive program but did not make a reservation yet to change their plans because we will not be able to let any more guests in the building. We thank you for your understanding, and hope to see you next time.

The Board of Directors of the OHCC



17:00 Commemorating program


17:15 Csillagszeműek: Hungarian Folk Dance and Music
logoThe event is sponsored by the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight 60th Anniversary Memorial Board.
18:00 Reception of the Ambassador and Festive Dinner
Guests of Honour: Mr. Péter Szíjjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary
Dr. Bálint Ódor, Ambassador of Hungary to Canada
Dr. Péter Orosz, Secretary and Consul

Guests of Honour:

About the Artists


Csillagszeműek (Photo: csillagszemu.hu)

The Csillagszemű Folk Dance Ensemble (pron. chill-log-sam-u, mean. one with eyes glowing like stars) was founded by one of Hungary’s greatest folk dance coreographers, Sándor Timár, and his dance-artist wife, Böske Timár, in 1993.

It is the only private institution in Hungary which reached its national and international achievements without any external funding. Its large membership of 700 souls and wide spectrum of ages makes it unique.

The instructions are based on the Timár-method, according to which children being exposed to folk music, dance and tradition is of utmost importance. Also, every form of folk art has to be embraced as everyday elements of our lives, and not just objects of archival or historical character.

In fact, for their educational and socialising powers, all generations are in need of experiencing the wonderful forms of folk art.

The ensemble won several awards:

  • 1996 Planetary Consciousness (handed out by Yehudi Menuhin)
  • 1996 Hungarian Heritage
  • 2004 European Dance
  • 2006 Prima-Primissima

In the past 20 years the ensemble has toured the entire world, for which, in Hungary, they are referred to as „Dancing Ambassadors” of Hungary:

  • Hungary: 46 cities, 4160 recitals
  • Europe: 22 countries, 64 cities, 160 recitals
  • Japan, China, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Morocco: 44 cities, 110 recitals


Csillagszeműek in the Fábry TV Show
20 Years Jubilee Recital Dances from Sóvidék

On the Dinner Menu


Chicken Noodle Soup


Beef Cutlets à la Eszterházy


Hungary’s Favourite Dessert: Galuska from Somló

cup of coffee

Coffee and Tea


Soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors available at the bar.

Dinner is by reservations only. Please make your dinner reservation by 9 PM on Friday prior to the event. Reservations submitted through the webpage are confirmed by e-mail.



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