But Who Will Take Home The Bike?

On Aprli 21 we have seen a great theatrical performance in the Hungarian Community Centre. The play entitled „But who’s Going to Take Home the Bike? (De ki viszi haza a biciklit?)” is about the middle-class citizen of Vajdaság (Voivodina, Serbia), living either there or somewhere else, in the past and present. It makes us laugh and cry. It is to be seen in every small town and village, since it has been made for all those who live there, who stayed there or left and returned, and those who would only like to return or leave. And especially those, who still try to have a life in Vajdaság. We reproduce a few excerpts from the show and afterwards you can see Magdi Tóth’s interview with Szilvia Krizsán.

(Recorded by Gábor Finta)