Video Chronicle – Detailed


In the fall of last year the Board of Directors decided on ordering the installation of a new asphalt paving of the parking lot and driveway adjacent to the House. This work has been executed properly (greatly diminishing the treasury, I might add).

As the coronavirus pandemic reached our town, taking advantage of the House being locked down, the BoD saw an opportunity to fulfill a long sought wish and proceeded with the inside renovation of the House. The Office on the second floor has been refurbished and its floor has been replaced. Next to the Office, the little washroom received a complete makeover, having been provided with brand-new appliances.

Now, at the beginning of May, our industrious volunteers, defying the “Stay at home!” warning, chose to “Stay in the House!”. To what end? — you may ask. Let me show you!
But the hard work is not finished yet. Please, continue to check the news, we will keep you posted.