Televised Theatre

Terrific news!

The Foundation for Hungarian Theatres has initiated a new program that records and preserves the best of Hungarian Theatre. Encouraging access to these recordings, the project allows these productions to reach remote sites and locations where the public has been so far deprived of the magic of theatre.

theatre maskThe project has been put on track in 2017, and the selection is made by an Advisory Board formed by theatre managers and theatre professionals of note. The recordings are made in HD quality, and in accordance with the laws for intellectual property and copyright, and are conducted by theatre directors of the calibre of István Márton and Tamás Zilahy.

The Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C., has purchased the distribution rights of several recordings and is putting them at the disposal of the Hungarian communities across North-America. At the moment, five shows are becoming available to the Hungarian community centres, with English subtitles and in high resolution, which we will present at the OHCC as part of out “Televised Theatre” series. We hope many will join us for the virtual tour of one of Budapest’s leading theatres, enjoying a sample of their work!

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the Foundation, its creators, and we thank the Washington and Ottawa embassies for initiating this program that nourishes the souls and rejuvenates our shared treasure, our native language. This endeavour cannot occur often enough since most of us – taking summer holidays in “the old country” – encounter significantly reduced levels of theatre activity during our visits. These virtual theatre soirées answer a real need and will be a perfect complement to the efforts of most community centres to host as many theatre productions on their stages as possible.

“If one steps into a capital (city) and would like that nation to reveal itself to his eyes, all he has to do is step into one of its theatres. Actors are guardians of the mothertongue, and the nation lives through its language. Should the nation foster a widely cared for network of playhouses, Transylvania would not be neglected by its performing geniuses.”

Historian László Kőváry, About Szeklerland (1842)

We second this implicit motion here, on the distant shores of the Big Waters, as well. Thanks again!

Fund Raising for a Mini Bus

fotoIn 2017 the National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada launched a campaign that raised $7,550.00 to purchase the mini-bus seen above for use in transporting children to Hungarian language schools in isolated Hungarian communities in Transylvania.

Since more vehicles are needed to transport children to Hungarian schools, the NAHC has organized this campaign again between June 4 and October 23 to raise funds for yet another vehicle.

Donations can be made by:

  • direct transfer to the NAHC bank account:
  • cheque mailed to NAHC, 100 Glouchester Street, Suite 352, Ottawa, ON K2P 0A4. Please make it payable to the “National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada” and specify “nahcminibus2018” as memo
  • E-mail transfer addressed to the Treasurer of the NAHC at using “nahcminibus2018” as the password

Help support isolated Hungarian communities maintain their language and culture, together we can achieve more!

Holiday Season

With the exception of the New Year’s Eve Party, the OHCC is closed until January 5th inclusive.

We wish you good rest, merry Christmas, as well as happiness, health and strength for the New Year!

Hungarian Language Course at Carleton University – Second Half of the Beginner Course from January 2018

The second half of the beginner Hungarian course (LANG 1020B) at Carleton University is intended for students who already have rudimentary knowledge of Hungarian and they are interested in expanding their command of the language. Since the winter term course will draw on the material completed between September and December 2017, new students must take a placement test to ensure that they are placed at the appropriate level.

This course is also intended for second or third-generation Hungarian-Canadians who have learned and used the language at home, who can understand or speak the language to some degree but never learned Hungarian through formal instruction.

Registration is already open. The winter term classes begin on January 8, 2018.

Details on how to register are available at the university website:

Inquiries can be sent directly to the course instructor as well:

HU címerSponsored by the Ministry Responsible for Nation Policy of Hungary

Fund Raising for a Mini Bus

In many regions detached from Hungary in 1921 the local authorities and governments made it impossible for the Hungarian minority to study in its mother tongue. In these areas children would need to commute way too far in order to enrol into Hungarian classes.

The unitarian priest of Magyarzsákod (Maros County, Romania), Sándor Balázs, initiated a program in support of the affected children. According to the plan, with the help of the Transylvanian Federation, vehicles in the range of $8,000 each will be purchased and transformed into school buses. The National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada would like to join and support this effort by raising funds for at least one vehicle.

At the beginning of June, the OHCC management committed itself to this cause as well. In the period of June 4th and August 20th it donates the income of the OHCC’s events to this fund. So far, Canada wide, NAHC member organizations raised $3,900. We are calling upon everyone to contribute to this noble and important cause. Donations can be transferred directly as well by contacting the president of the Transylvanian Federation:

Bácsfainé Dr. Hévizi Józsával
Erdélyi Szövetség – Transylvanian Federation – Siebenbürgischer Verband – Fédération de Transylvanie
1052 Budapest, Semmelweis u. 1/3.
Tel: +36-20-374-1315
E-mail: or

The NAHC will transfer the collected donations at the end of August, before the beginning of the new scholar year. All contributions are highly appreciated and we thank you in advance.

We Are Launching the OHCC Radio on CHIN Radio 97.9 FM

Teamed up with a few contributors, we began editing the radio program of the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre. In the beginning, we will rely mostly on music, but, through the introduction of columns, our editorial board will strive to focus on the life of the House, as well as interests and needs of our community. The first broadcasting will take place this Sunday, July 16th, at 7 PM on CHIN Radio 97.9 FM.

The live radio broadcasting is available on the internet, as well as through the free smartphone app from anywhere at any time. The Program Guide and Recordings will be made available on the OHCC Radio page.

We wish you a pleasant listening,
The Board of Directors of the OHCC

Hungarian Language Course Launched at Carleton University

Hungarian will be offered at Carleton University from September 2017 for the very first time in the history of the university. After many years of hard work, Carleton has reached an agreement with the Government of Hungary through the vital support of the Embassy of Hungary. As a result, the course will be co-sponsored by the Government of Hungary.

Hungarian is a credit language course for complete beginners, no previous knowledge is necessary. It will run 2 × 2 hours per week in the fall and winter terms (from September 2017 until April 2018) that will take students to a solid beginner level (level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Languages). The course will run in the “Less commonly taught languages” category, for which the official registration has already begun at the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton. More information is available under the code of the course, LANG 1010B – Hungarian.


Dr. Emese Bukor

The course will be promoted on social media platforms as well. Feel free to check out the “Learn Hungarian” site on Facebook (run by Dr. Emese Bukor, the instructor of the Hungarian course at Carleton) or the SLALS Language Resource Room‘s Facebook page to find more information (videos) over the summer about the Hungarian language and culture.

Feel free to share the information with those who might have an interest in studying Hungarian. Those who are currently not students at Carleton can still register for the course as a special student. Students at the University of Ottawa will also be able to register for the course.

HU címerSponsored by the Ministry Responsible for Nation Policy of Hungary

New Discount from Revera’s Valley Stream

There is a new discount of $5,000 available for those who sign a contract with the retirement home by March 31st, 2017.

Further information.


Dear Members, Friends, Supporters,

The Board of Directors (BOD) became compelled to discontinue the OHCC’s Friday dinners due to the unavailability of sufficient resources of chefs and required assistants. During recent members’ meetings we did make announcements regarding this sore state of affairs, and we forecasted the possibility of such changes approaching, but our appeal, regrettably, did not produce the needed outcome. We intend to continue serving lunches for now, but please take note, that these are still understaffed, and our ability to sustain them is in jeopardy. Your voluntary help is always sought, even if we do not call for it constantly.


Downloadable Poster

For sake of clarity and transparency of the matter, we point out that the time and energy invested into preparing dinners has been about the same as what has been needed for lunches, while the number of consumers attending dinners has gradually decreased to less than half of those coming to lunches. Consequently, the net earnings of the House produced by dinners became insignificant, thereby rendering the volunteers’ efforts totally inefficient. This cannot possibly be upheld, unless there is a considerable workforce available willing to take turns on a regular basis. Up until now, each Friday Lunch and Dinner required 20-24 man-hours of volunteer work in the kitchen alone. The program change will reduce this to 12 hours, which still has to be staffed.

Of course, due to the cancellation of dinner service the related small income will be lost, and the BOD will plan by keeping this in mind.

As always, the House (OHCC) needs committed, tenacious and reoccurring volunteer help that it can rely on. Promises were many, participation remained to be desired. If 2 to 3 people would form a cooking team once a month, they could take care of one of the lunches or events per month.
The usage of the term volunteer work is somewhat misleading, since the BOD recognizes the help received with a slight pay. The contribution of BOD members to all events is always given without compensation.

What it all boils down to is the committed and organized collaboration of all those community members who intend to keep the House standing and well maintained, and treat it as a valuable and worthy heritage to be passed on to future generations.

We hope that this appeal will stir you into action, after all, it is a common cause. In the mean time, we have no alternative but to implement the following changes to the Friday opening hours:

12:00 – 15:00 lunch service
17:00 – 20:00 evening social, senior’s club, library hours, occasional events – no dinner is served

Take out orders will continue to be available. Only orders placed by 8:00 AM on the preceding days will be guaranteed, and they can be picked up during our opening hours on Fridays as specified above. Unpaid orders will be recorded and accounted for as debts owed to the OHCC.

Your still hopeful
Board of Directors of the OHCC