June 21, 2019


Székely’s Cabbage


Home Made Cake with Coffee and Walnuts

June 14, 2019


Cooked Debreceni Sausage with Bread and Mustard

June 7, 2019


Pork Pörkölt with Rice and Dill Pickle



Televised Theatre

Terrific news!

The Foundation for Hungarian Theatres has initiated a new program that records and preserves the best of Hungarian Theatre. Encouraging access to these recordings, the project allows these productions to reach remote sites and locations where the public has been so far deprived of the magic of theatre.

theatre maskThe project has been put on track in 2017, and the selection is made by an Advisory Board formed by theatre managers and theatre professionals of note. The recordings are made in HD quality, and in accordance with the laws for intellectual property and copyright, and are conducted by theatre directors of the calibre of István Márton and Tamás Zilahy.

The Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C., has purchased the distribution rights of several recordings and is putting them at the disposal of the Hungarian communities across North-America. At the moment, five shows are becoming available to the Hungarian community centres, with English subtitles and in high resolution, which we will present at the OHCC as part of out “Televised Theatre” series. We hope many will join us for the virtual tour of one of Budapest’s leading theatres, enjoying a sample of their work!

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the Foundation, its creators, and we thank the Washington and Ottawa embassies for initiating this program that nourishes the souls and rejuvenates our shared treasure, our native language. This endeavour cannot occur often enough since most of us – taking summer holidays in “the old country” – encounter significantly reduced levels of theatre activity during our visits. These virtual theatre soirées answer a real need and will be a perfect complement to the efforts of most community centres to host as many theatre productions on their stages as possible.

“If one steps into a capital (city) and would like that nation to reveal itself to his eyes, all he has to do is step into one of its theatres. Actors are guardians of the mothertongue, and the nation lives through its language. Should the nation foster a widely cared for network of playhouses, Transylvania would not be neglected by its performing geniuses.”

Historian László Kőváry, About Szeklerland (1842)

We second this implicit motion here, on the distant shores of the Big Waters, as well. Thanks again!

Radio program on May 26, 2019


  • Hungarian Classical Music
    • Works of Ponchielli (Gábor Finta)
    • Amilcare Ponchielli: Gioconda – Órák tánca (Cairo Symphony, Nagui)
    • Works of Grieg, Peer Gynt (Gábor Finta)
    • Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite 1 – Anitra’s Dance (BBC Scottish Symphony, Maksymiuk)
    • About Peer Gynt (Gábor Finta)
    • Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite 2 – (BBC Scottish Symphony, Maksymiuk)
  • Hortenzia Papp: Roamer – Felvidék (Zsolt Bede-Fazekas)
  • Mátyás Várkonyi, Attila Béres: Dobó István esküje (Csaba Kelemen)
  • OHCC and Community News
  • Ne szeressél kettőt-hármat (Márta Sebestyén & Muzsikás)
  • Interview with Dóra Nagy (Dóra Nagy, Magdolna Tóth)
  • Hajnali (Fonó zenekar)
  • Attila Fias: Hungarian Folk Song (Paros Csillag) (Attila Fias)
  • Leahy: Down That Road (Leahy)

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Radio program on May 19, 2019


  • Hungarian Classical Music
    • 16th century Hungarian dance music (Gábor Finta)
    • Dances from 16th century tabulatures (István Ella, János Sebestyén)
    • “Verbunkos” dance music (Gábor Finta)
    • Brahms: Hungarian Dances, 11, 17 (Budapest Symphony Orchestra, István Bogár)
    • Bartók – Old Dance Songs (Finta Gábor)
    • Béla Bartók: 15 magyar parasztdal 7-15 (Zoltán Kocsis)
  • Hortenzia Papp: Roamer – Terény (Zsolt Bede-Fazekas)
  • Nógrádi dudanóták (Herczku Ágnes)
  • OHCC and Community News
  • Attila Nyerges, Szilveszter Leczó: Nélküled (Ismerős Arcok)
  • Press review from “Felvidék” (Magdolna Tóth)
  • Ferenc Kölcsey: Himnusz (vers) (Iván Darvas)
  • Ferenc Kölcsey: Himnusz (MTVA gyermekkórus)
  • János Petrás: Egy az Isten, egy a nemzet (Kárpátia)
  • Oscar Lopez: Corrientes (Oscar Lopez)

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May 24, 2019


Green Bean Soup


Pork Loin Filled with Csabai Sausage, Mashed Potatoes ans Dill Pickle

Radio program on May 12, 2019


  • Hungarian Classical Music
    • Concert etudes (Gábor Finta)
    • Liszt: La Campanella – Paganini etudes (Nikita Magaloff)
    • Liszt: Un sospiro (Claudio Arrau)
    • Puccini year at the Operaház (Gábor Finta)
    • Puccini: Turandot Death of Liú (Katia Ricciarelli)
  • Hortenzia Papp: Roamer – Lavender (Zsolt Bede-Fazekas)
  • Imre Kálmán: Jaj Zsuzsikám! (Károly Peller)
  • OHCC and Community News
  • Mama (Csézy)
  • Attila Sohonyai: Édesanya (poem) (Oszkár Gáti)
  • Orsolya Molnár, Zsolt Molnár, Péter Ember: Kevés a szó… Dal anyák napjára (Orsolya Molnár)
  • János Bródy: Anyák napján (Judit Halász)
  • Péter Müller: Az élet – Játék (Péter Müller)
  • Attila Nyerges, Nándor Galambos: Édesanyám rózsafája (Ismerős Arcok)
  • Amy Foster-Gillies, Michael Bublé, Alan Chang: Haven’t Met You Yet (Michael Bublé)
  • Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields: I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Diana Krall)

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May 17, 2019

We are closed for the long weekend. Thank you for understanding!

Mother’s Day – 2019

The Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre and the Hungarian School jointly celebrated Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May, 2019.  On the program  there were humorous scenes, singing, dancing, piano music and a video depicting the colours of the awakening spring. After the programme, the fathers prepared a delicious supper for the mothers and guests.

(recorded by Gábor Finta)